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We are a futuristic and innovative company focused on smart products and software technology

MicroSolutions Kuwait, a division of the Raja Group of Companies, commenced operations in 2003 as an internet venture. As we began to grow and explore Web 2.0, our customers, employees, and services also grew. Over time, we expanded our services to offer mobile app development, website hosting, domain registration, and much more! 


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Advantages of Working with
MicroSolutions Kuwait

Trim down costs

Expand skilled resources

Complete a specified project within budget

Deliver projects on time

Merge support services

Maintain your competitive edge

Greater flexibility in internal operations

Meet changing customer demands

Focus on core competencies

Obtain reliable expertise

MicroSolutions Kuwait as your
Software Solutions Provider



We have a strategic location in Kuwait, along with dedicated servers to deploy projects, the latest computers, and current software to design and develop solutions.



The resources of the company include a large and diverse pool of dedicated IT professionals with technical expertise and clear communication skills.


Price Competitiveness

Ability to provide cost-effective services not only for development but also for implementation and maintenance.



Rigorous management controls guarantee timely delivery and high quality.


On-site Coordination

Our dedicated project coordinators are responsible for the daily management of communication between the client and the project team.



Highly definitive processes and incorporated teams. Larger development work sets are broken into smaller modules that can be developed in parallel by multiple teams and integrated to reduce development time.


Change Control

Comprehensive configuration control over the product baseline. This includes following the configuration of each item, adopting a new configuration if necessary, and modifying the baseline.



High-quality solutions and minimal customer risk.


What they say about us

Sheethal Nambiar

MicroSolutions is a very good company and has the potential to outgrow other companies in the same field with the service provided by the development and web design teams.

Sheethal Nambiar

Dynamics - General Manager


General Questions

We offer numerous services like app development, chatbot services, corporate branding services, digital marketing, e-commerce services, website hosting, domain registration, and much more. Explore our range of services, here.


We are a company with 20+ years of experience in the field. Over the years, we have ensured 900+ happy customers and 1650+ successful projects.


We have offices in Kuwait, UAE, and India. Our 50+ member team comprises individuals with ample expertise to ensure the best services for our clients.


Odoo is a leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is being used by billions of individuals across the globe. We became an official Odoo partner in Kuwait in 2022. This means you can experience genuine and top-notch Odoo services from us. Explore more about Odoo, here.