Implementing and managing your ERP system successfully is easier if you have the guidance of ERP experts. Make sure you're up-to-date on the latest developments in your field. We offer a comprehensive educational experience that includes adequate instruction on Odoo training online.


Odoo Training
  • Functional Training: This training is designed to educate end-users, partners, business analysts, and consultants about the many functionalities of Odoo modules.
  • Technical Training: The primary focus of technical training is to help developers learn how to customize and extend the Odoo platform with new ideas.
  • Corporate Training: Corporate training is geared toward corporations already using Odoo or those contemplating a full switch to Odoo as their backend system.

Odoo Functional Training

Do you want to learn more about Odoo's functional aspects? You can attend our training sessions on specific Odoo module operations.

Functional training packages

Our functional training is available in the form of package sessions that describe the functional aspects of Odoo based on modules of operation.


Our training modules are tailored to the needs of the candidates. Furthermore, the modules can be chosen based on your needs and capabilities. To register for one of our training sessions, choose your training package. You can get in touch with us via e-mail, live chat, or WhatsApp, initiate the payment, and set up a time that works for you to begin learning.

Knowledge requirement

A basic understanding of Odoo's operations will be helpful, even if the functional training is focused on the platform's functional operational aspects. Knowledge of the company's operations is also necessary if using the platform in your own business.


You won't get the results you expect if you run your business with the best tool available. To maximise results, the people who use the tools must be trained to operate in the most efficient manner possible. Odoo training module or Odoo functional training is necessary for the platform's use.

Target audience

People who want a thorough grounding in the operational modules of Odoo's functionality can take advantage of the functional training offered by the company. Odoo training packages are designed to provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and experience to implement the best operational practises of Odoo into their company's processes. The packages can be chosen according to the requirements of the modules they are part of.

Odoo Technical Training

Are you interested in advancing your career by mastering the technical aspects of Odoo? Here is a reliable source of information for all of your questions and concerns.

Technical training packages

Based on your level of expertise with Odoo, you can select a training module that best suits your needs. There is also the option of training tailored to a specific application.


Our modules are customized to meet the requirements of each candidate. Furthermore, you can select the modules that best suit your needs and abilities.


Odoo is a large program that requires specialized training. Error detection and correction are critical for the platform. It can be beneficial to your professional development.

Target audience

Our Odoo technical training packages are designed to be beneficial to candidates based on their knowledge of Odoo's technical aspects. So, before you choose a package, make sure you fall into the correct category.

Odoo Corporate Training

If your company uses Odoo, we can help you and your employees get the most out of the Odoo platform. We are here to provide your employees with functional training on various aspects of the platform's operation.

Corporate training packages

Your employees will benefit from the Odoo corporate training by learning how to run their company's operations in the most efficient manner possible using Odoo.


The content of our courses is tailored to meet the requirements of the individuals who will be taking them. Furthermore, you can select the modules that best suit your needs and abilities.


It can be difficult to use Odoo development training in accordance with your company's needs unless you have a thorough understanding of the platform. Having the appropriate functional tool will not only aid in business operations, but it will also encourage the platform's users to receive proper training. Acquiring a working knowledge of standard operating procedures. The likelihood of data misunderstandings is reduced, and the performance and output of employees using Odoo software are boosted. Correct problems before they become life-threatening.

Target audience

Odoo corporate training outlined the functional aspects of Odoo software training for employees of a company. They can come in groups as needed, and packages can be selected based on the number of required hours. A fundamental understanding of a company's operations will suffice as a prerequisite.

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