Web application services include software that runs online and is easily accessible from anywhere, provided you have good internet connectivity.

They are also known as computer programs that operate using web browsers. Having web app development offers numerous benefits:

  • Unrestricted accessibility
  • Adaptable across devices
  • Requires no installation
  • Easy to maintain
  • Storage capacity friendly
Web Applications

Asset Management System

Asset management refers to the processes you use to keep track of equipment and inventory during your day-to-day operations. A proper asset management system helps you account for your fixed assets in an efficient manner.

MicroSolutions can help you manage your assets in a better manner by developing a custom web application dedicated to asset management software to suit your business needs.

Some of the benefits of an asset management system include:

Advantages of Asset Management System

Complaint Management System

While complaints offer great insights into how to improve your business, it also requires you to have a dedicated system to ensure that grievances are redressed immediately. This is where a complaint or problem management system (PMS) appears. They help to record, manage, respond to complaints, and report them for further learning and making improvements. A good complaint management system adds immense value to your business.

In order to ensure quick and smooth resolution of complaints, you need a streamlined approach that allows continuous monitoring.

The benefits of a complaint management system are:

Complaint Management System

Help Desk Management System

A help desk is a point of contact that assists your customers with all the information and support they need. It handles a company’s internal and external queries. It acts as a guide to your customers and helps you understand their issues better, so you can resolve them quickly.

There can be different types of help desk that can be adopted by companies:

  • Web help desk: This is cloud-based or SaaS (software-as-a-service), where you can rent the solution on a subscription basis.
  • On-premise help desk: You own and host the help desk. This gives you complete control over the help desk, its maintenance, and its function.
  • Enterprise help desk: This includes features that help improve your company’s efficiency. This ensures quick resolution of issues.

The help desk system benefits your business in the following ways:

Helpdesk Management System

Charter Flight Booking Management System

Charter flights are booked based on demand. They are not subject to schedules. A charter flight booking management system helps manage the booking and scheduling of charter flights.

Features of a charter flight booking management system include:

  • A user-friendly interface for clients to browse available flights, view prices, and make bookings online.
  • A backend office system for managing and scheduling flights, including the ability to assign aircraft, pilots, and other crew members.
  • The ability to handle payment processing, including acceptance of credit card payments and issuance of invoices and receipts.
  • Integration with flight tracking and reporting tools, such as flight logs and maintenance records.
  • The ability to handle group bookings and manage the allocation of seats and luggage on each flight.
  • Customization options for operators to tailor the system to meet the specific needs of their business.

Online Quiz System

An online quiz system allows users to create, administer, and take quizzes online. This type of software works best for educational institutions, corporate training, marketing research, and other types of assessment and testing.

Benefits of an online quiz system for your business:

  • The ability for users to create and customize quizzes, including the ability to add multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, and other types of questions.
  • Tools for setting quiz parameters, such as time limits and the number of attempts allowed.
  • An online interface for test-takers to access and take quizzes, with the ability to save and resume progress if necessary.
  • An automated grading system to provide instant feedback and scores.
  • A backend system for managing quiz results and tracking progress.
  • Integration with learning management systems and other educational tools.

Problem Ticketing System

A Problem Ticketing System includes a ‘ticket’ assignment application that is used to report, record, and track, customers’ or users’ specific feedback or complaints about a service or product. Usually, a ‘ticket number’ or machine-generated ‘reference’ code is issued or assigned as an identification to a particular complaint file. The problem ticketing system typically has a database for the purpose of recording information such as the status, priority, and any associated details or notes that help in tracking and following up on the resolution to that issue. The database may also offer a sequence of solutions to a particular problem. They are of great value in customer support and other areas where it is necessary to record, track and resolve issues or requests efficiently and effectively.

Features of our Problem Ticketing System:

  • Users can create and submit tickets through a web form, or other interfaces, and the system will assign the ticket to the appropriate person or team for resolution.
  • The system can track the status of each ticket, such as ‘open’, ‘pending’, ‘in progress’, or ‘closed’, and provide you with visibility into their progress.
  • Tickets are assigned a priority level, such as urgent, high, medium, or low, to help you prioritize better.
  • The system can send notifications to users about the status of their tickets and any updates or actions taken on them. Users can communicate with each other and collaborate on ticket resolution through the system, adding comments, attachments, or other information to the ticket.
  • The system can generate reports on ticket activity, such as the number of open tickets, the average resolution time, and other metrics.

We also incorporate different customizations to the ticketing system based on your requirements.

Product Maintenance System

Our Product Maintenance System (PMS) is a tool used to track and manage product maintenance, repair, and upkeep. It includes a database for storing information about each product, such as its model and serial number, maintenance history, and any associated documentation or warranty information. It is compatible with a variety of industries like manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and other industries where it is important to track and maintain the performance and reliability of products.

By opting for the product maintenance system, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Schedule and plan maintenance tasks, such as inspections, repairs, or replacements, based on the needs of the product.
  • Store and track the maintenance history of each product, including details about previous tasks and their outcomes.
  • Manage any relevant documentation or warranty information associated with each product.
  • Record the costs associated with maintenance tasks, such as labor, parts, and materials.
  • Generate alerts when maintenance tasks are due or when there are potential issues with the product.
  • Access reports on maintenance activity and the overall performance of the product.

Real Estate Management System

Manage and track the sale, rental, and maintenance of real estate properties with our real estate management system. It includes a system for storing information about each property, such as its location, size, features, and any associated documents or contracts. It can be used by real estate agents, property managers, owners, and other related parties to manage their properties and clients. The system’s rich features allow users to create and manage listings, track leads and inquiries, schedule showings and appointments, and generate reports on property activity.

Hospital Management System

Our hospital management system allows concerned users to manage and coordinate the various functions and activities of a hospital. It assists in storing and managing patient records, scheduling appointments and procedures, managing staff and resources, and tracking billing and payments. It is also efficient in tracking disposable medical supplies by providing relevant information about each product. It is a system designed to help hospitals optimize their inventory of disposable supplies, reduce waste, and improve patient care by ensuring that the right supplies are available when needed.

Why choose us?

  • We are a web app development agency and we offer you a cloud-based asset management system with features that make it affordable, scalable, and flexible, with customizations and an intuitive user interface. 
  • Our web application development services look into all the elements that go into making an effective complaint management system for your business.
  • With a good help desk management system, you can ensure customer satisfaction, smoother business operations, and increased productivity. Deploying a help desk requires expertise and knowledge; our team of experts can help create the perfect help desk system for your business.
  • Our charter flight booking management system can greatly streamline the process of booking and managing charter flights, making it easier for you to manage your operations, book flights, and make travel arrangements.
  • Our online quiz systems can be a useful tool in a wide variety of settings, as they allow for the creation and administration of quizzes and exams in a convenient and efficient manner.

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