Odoo implementation can be more difficult and dangerous if not done by experts. However, as an Odoo partner, we can provide you with a hassle-free implementation of user-friendly Odoo platforms tailored to your specific business needs. We have extensive experience with Odoo ERP implementation and a well-defined methodology that has been well practiced and mastered.
Odoo Implementation

We are a leading Odoo implementation company in Kuwait and an Odoo expert partner. Furthermore, we develop and implement the platform in accordance with your requirements and in accordance with the best and most standardized procedures, without interfering with the functionality of the Odoo platform.

  • Examine your requirements
  • Create your platform
  • Configure it to work with your company
  • Preparing you to operate
  • Regular assistance and upkeep

Analysis of Requirements

We first understand your company's requirements. It is extremely difficult to create the perfect solution without first fully grasping and evaluating your business requirements. We keep customers' desires at the top of our priority list while making decisions.

Development and Personalization

After understanding your needs and conveying the Odoo implementation cost, we proceed with the development of Odoo ERP. The goal of developing modules is to serve your business better. We make certain that development is carried out in accordance with industry norms and standards.

Odoo Implementation Online, Installation and Configuration

We provide Odoo implementation service with a great deal of configuration flexibility based on your business needs. We handle all ERP functions and analysis tools to meet your company's requirements. Users can thus achieve the highest level of customization and personalization on their page.

Data Transfer

Data transfer is a vital part of ERP implementation. Data must be intact and proper for a successful business operation. We transfer your existing data from the current application, including software, excel files, old Odoo versions, and so on, to the new Odoo ERP with the utmost care and attention.

Assistance and Training

Odoo's vastness and complexity make it important to have proper training in place. Once Odoo has been installed, we provide successful Odoo training to end users via various communication media such as Skype, Teamviewer, videos, and allied documents.

Going Live

We, as an Odoo ERP implementation company, are always there to lend a hand in controlling any hazy situations. We will assist you in determining the best ERP implementation and thus establish your business at a higher level.

Odoo Setup

Defining business objectives

First and foremost, we must precisely define the desired business objectives. Providers can only then recommend the best options to customers.

Allocation of finances

As a first step, prospective ERP customers should set aside a budget

Choosing the most appropriate ERP

From the available ERPs on the market, we need to choose the best one for our company's needs.

Picking the perfect implementation partner

Having chosen the ideal ERP system, the next step is to find the most qualified ERP implementation partner.

Specifying the stages of implementation

Different phases of implementation must be defined, as well as the strategies to carry them out.

Selecting the most suitable plan

We'll need to find a hosting solution that works well with our chosen ERP.

Transfer of data

All of your important old data will be transferred to the new ERP system.


The entire ERP system will be thoroughly tested before it goes live.


Our ERP users will be taught how to use the system.

Going Live

As soon as the ERP goes live, we'll be able to use it.

Assistance and upkeep

We, as an Odoo implementation company, take care of all the necessary assistance and support.

MicroSolutions is the official Odoo ERP partner in Kuwait.