IceWarp, Inc. is a software company located in Prague, Czech Republic. It develops email, messaging, and collaboration services for businesses. It has been in business since 1998 and is used by over 50,000 companies worldwide. Its products are an alternative to Exchange Server, Office 365, or Google Workspace.

IceWarp provides a complete suite solution of productivity web apps, including Email, Calendar Scheduling, Instant Online Document Editing, Effective Real-Time Team Chat Collaboration, Voice Search and Video Calling features as well as personalized secured online Storage.

Put simply, IceWarp offers the entire office in a single window at half the cost!

The best browser-based solution for your company. Hosted email, TeamChat, Conferences, Documents editing, and much more with a full-blown secure cloud.

IceWarp is the best browser-based solution for companies. It offers hosted email, TeamChat, Conferences, Documents editing, and more via a full-blown secure cloud. It offers a solution ecosystem that transforms how teams share information online and optimize business processes through its streamlined and seamless team collaboration tools.

Some of the interesting features offered by IceWarp are:
Start your day with an email and share it with the entire team
Explore in-context communication and online meetings
Create, share, and edit documents in no time as a team
Use the email topic to start a threaded conversation or work with attachments
Use SmartAttach to upload large files like videos or presentations
Smart delayed send gets you extra five seconds to add the attachment you missed
Easily share your meeting recordings that are ready to replay anytime or share with anyone via email
Work on multiple projects across ad-hoc teams in a seamless manner
Share files, emails, and documents
Synced calendars for planning your day efficiently
IceWarp mobile app allows easy access to all the chats, emails, and recordings

IceWarp’s all-in-one collaboration platform comprises an entire family of apps that offer real-time collaboration tools, simplified sharing options, and smooth integration of various virtual office functions.

MicroSolutions Kuwait is an official IceWarp partner.

Email and Calendar

All you need is to log in. Connect with your colleagues and work on team projects wherever you are.

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Faster and more straightforward than email. Chat and invite guests to brainstorm and collaborate as if they were sitting at the same desk. Mobile app helps you stay tuned anywhere.

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Video Calls and Conferences

Conferences, meet face-to-face. Secure conferencing that runs in the browser, without installing anything. Handy gadgets like screen sharing, real-time chat, or moderator are included.

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All your productivity needs are covered. Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations. Comprehensive office suite for your team to get their job done remotely or while sitting at the same desk.

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Migration to IceWarp is easy. Our team makes sure you are up and running within hours!

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IceWarp Ecosystem

Explore the IceWarp Ecosystem for your business!

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Plan & Pricing

View IceWarp plans that suit your business needs.

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