Mobile computers, commonly known as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), are handheld devices that combine the functionality of a computer, a mobile phone, and other data processing capabilities. They are designed to provide portable computing power and enable users to perform various tasks on the go.

Mobile computers, or PDAs, typically feature the following characteristics:

  1. Compact Size: PDAs are small and lightweight, making them highly portable and easy to carry in a pocket, bag, or belt clip.

  2. Touchscreen Display: Most PDAs have a touchscreen interface that allows users to interact with the device using their fingers or a stylus. The display provides a visual interface for accessing applications, entering data, and viewing information.

  3. Operating System: PDAs are equipped with an operating system (OS) that enables users to run applications and perform tasks. Common operating systems for PDAs include Palm OS, Windows Mobile, iOS, and Android.

  4. Connectivity: PDAs support various connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular data (3G, 4G, or 5G), allowing users to access the internet, send/receive emails, and connect to other devices.

  5. Data Storage: PDAs have built-in storage capacity for saving files, documents, and applications. Some devices may also have expandable memory slots (e.g., microSD) to increase storage capacity.

  6. Productivity Applications: PDAs offer a range of productivity applications, including calendar and scheduling tools, contact management, email clients, note-taking applications, and document viewers/editors. These applications help users stay organized and manage their tasks efficiently.

  7. Communication Features: PDAs often include phone capabilities, allowing users to make calls, send/receive text messages, and access contact lists. Some models may also have a built-in camera for capturing photos and videos.

  8. Additional Features: PDAs may offer additional features such as GPS navigation, barcode scanning, fingerprint sensors, biometric authentication, and voice recognition.


The Urovo DT50 is a rugged handheld mobile computer designed for use in industrial and outdoor environments.

Urovo DT50X

It is a waterproof rugged handheld computer that supports barcode scan, NFC, quick charge, 4G, and optical fingerprint version.

Urovo DT50S

It is Urovo’s flagship enterprise mobile computer that is full of high-end features including a class-leading 5.7” screen powerful processor,