Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a term for a small, mobile, handheld device that provides computing, information storage, and retrieval capabilities for personal or business use, often for keeping schedules, calendars, and address book information handy.

Most of them have a large touch screen and a stylus, and support handwriting recognition. Normally, they also have faster processors than typical mobile phones and can run more complex software. Most of the PDAs run a standardized OS such as Windows Mobile for Pocket PC or Palm OS.
PDAs such as Urovo’s DT50 series may be used at Banks, Retail shops, Health Care, Jewelry houses, inventory control.


The Urovo DT50 is a rugged handheld mobile computer designed for use in industrial and outdoor environments.

Urovo DT50X

It is a waterproof rugged handheld computer that supports barcode scan, NFC, quick charge, 4G, and optical fingerprint version.

Urovo DT50S

It is Urovo’s flagship enterprise mobile computer that is full of high-end features including a class-leading 5.7” screen powerful processor,