In addition to a talented chef, a delectable menu, and attentive wait staff, a restaurant would be lost without a reliable management tool. The Odoo ERP Point of Sale module, which was originally developed for retail operations, brings a focused approach to restaurant operations. To manage your restaurant's operations, we'll set up the Odoo Restaurant Management System according to your specific requirements.
Odoo Restaurant Management

Odoo for Hotel and Restaurant Management

  • Food-cost analysis
  • Management of materials
  • Handle loyalty programs of customers
  • Employee management
  • Manage the finances
  • Offer fine-dining
  • Handle floors and tables

Point Of Sale (POS)

A dedicated operational module defines complete retail and front-desk counter management for restaurants.

  • Monitoring tables and flows
  • Bill splitting and merging capabilities
  • Assign employees to relevant tables
  • Programs to reward loyal customers
  • Operations via smart touch screens
  • Control of kitchen operations
  • Direct orders to the kitchen
  • Managing prices
  • Tips for waiters

Organized restaurant inventory management

The warehouse and inventory management module gives you complete control over your restaurant's ingredients and drink stock.

  • Inventory control in real time
  • Determine the product's expiration date
  • Description of serial and lot numbers
  • Specific storage facility
  • Food delivery via shipping connectors
  • Batch picking
  • Packaging of products
  • Identification of ingredients by means of bar codes and scanners

Effective procurement of products

Obtain your ingredients from a variety of sources and use specialized tools to manage your food inventory.

  • Make multiple purchases from different merchants.
  • Invite tenders
  • Purchase agreements
  • Set product categories and features
  • Purchase receipts and invoices can be matched in three ways

Finance management with the accounting module

The Odoo accounting module can handle all bill payments, invoicing, and other aspects of financial operations.

  • Make detailed invoices
  • Manage payments to vendors
  • Define the taxes that apply to restaurant operations
  • Payment follow-up
  • Management of multiple currencies
  • Manage transfers between banks
  • Accept payments from a variety of sources
  • Establish payment terms

How can we assist you?

We are capable of bringing advanced operational functionality to the platform for the operations of your business. You will need help from expert service providers to define a restaurant operation with the full-fledged operationality of Odoo to manage the operations. We will be able to define your restaurant on the Odoo management platform just as you need it to function in your business operations.

MicroSolutions is the official Odoo ERP partner in Kuwait.