Procurement software for the entire supply chain - Purchase Management Odoo

Odoo Purchase Management
Dedicated Dashboard for Purchase Management

A dedicated purchase dashboard will give an overview of the purchase quotations that are sent out.

In order to give you an overall picture of the purchasing process, it provides a tabular view of the quotations. The dashboard representation can be customized to meet your specific needs, and it can be displayed in a variety of ways. 

Make Product Procurement More Automated

Rules for automated reordering can be set up to meet the needs of the company.

If you want regular replenishment of product stocks, you can set up reordering rules that are specific to your needs in the inventory. Reordering rules can be customized for each product.

Establish a Variety of Suppliers

You can buy a product from a variety of vendors at the same time.

All of the vendors' prices and descriptions can be found on each product, and you can purchase the product from multiple vendors at the same time.

Purchase Order Management Tools that are well-defined

Using certain management tools, you can effectively manage your purchase orders.

Purchase order approvals and warning tools ensure that your purchases do not exceed the limit and are always verified by managers.

Advanced Controlling Tools

A dedicated control tool gives you complete control over your product procurement.

Product procurement rules can be designed to revolve around a three-way match to ensure that all products are purchased in accordance with the quotation and purchase order.

What distinguishes Odoo's purchase control?

The Odoo purchase management system includes advanced functionality as well as integration with other modules that support operations.

Complete control

The Odoo purchase module gives the organization complete control over its purchasing operations.

  • User interface modernization
  • Vendor management
  • Introducing automation
Order and Invoice Management

With dedicated tools, you can manage your purchase order as well as vendor bills and invoices.

  • Draft requests for quotations and send them via email
  • Keep track of vendor bills and invoices for internal moves
  • Invoicing operations that are automated
Product Management That Works

Odoo's dedicated tools assist you in the effective management of purchased products.

  • Variants and categories of products
  • Variant grid entry
  • Rules for Procurement
Additional functions

Make the purchase operations more advanced by utilizing the various capable functions.

  • Drop-shipping
  • Purchase agreements
  • Call for tenders
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Blanket orders

Produce purchase reports for all product procurement operations.

  • Reports on purchase analysis
  • Dashboard, Pivot, and Graph views 
  • Options for filtering and comparison 
  • Lock and confirm orders
  • Receipt reminder
  • Unit of measure management
  • Vendor pricelist management
  • Multi-company management

Connection to other Odoo applications

The purchase module is integrated with other Odoo applications to provide more advanced purchase management functionality.


Odoo inventory management effectively stores and manages the storage of products purchased from vendors.


Vendor bill payment and all subsequent financial operations on the purchase operations are carried out through the integration of the purchase module with the Odoo accounting module.


The sales module is used to sell procured products to customers, and the generation of automatic purchase orders is based on the sales operations made possible by this integration.

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