The best retail management software - Odoo POS.

Odoo Point of Sale

Efficiently manage multiple sales sessions with Odoo's comprehensive retail sales management tool, the POS software. Its user-friendly interface and dashboard allow you to run multiple sales sessions simultaneously, ensuring smooth operations. Customization options enable you to tailor the retail store's operations and sales processes according to your specific requirements, promoting operational efficiency.

Prioritizing customer needs is made easy with Odoo POS, as it integrates customer relationship management tools from Odoo CRM. You can design loyalty programs to incentivize customers to return, with customizable point allocations and standardized operations. Automation plays a crucial role in business growth, and Odoo POS offers specialized tools for automating routine tasks. Set up automatic rewards using invoices, utilize biometrics and barcode scanners for faster registration, and enhance efficiency.

Restaurants can also benefit from Odoo POS, streamlining front desk operations, employee management, customer billing, and running loyalty and promotional programs. The adaptability of Odoo POS is noteworthy, as it can be used on various devices like tablets, computers, and check-out counter devices without the need for prior installation. With centralized and integrated inventory management, you can effectively handle retail, wholesale, and e-commerce operations. The system ensures that orders for out-of-stock products are not placed, as inventory is seamlessly integrated with POS operations, and automatic product orders are generated based on stock quantity.

Odoo's Point of Sale (POS) module is a feature-rich tool that enhances the functionality of retail stores and restaurants, offering advanced capabilities to streamline operations.

Offline and online compatibility is a standout feature, making it suitable for businesses that use Odoo for their entire operations and especially beneficial for those with connectivity issues. Operations can resume seamlessly when connectivity is restored, and the system only requires connectivity during the initial store setup. Even without connectivity, the POS module still provides essential functionality.

For restaurant management, the Odoo POS module provides a complete interface tailored to the specific needs of restaurants. It offers features such as splitting and merging bills, handling multiple customers simultaneously, and aligning the product offerings with a distinct restaurant identity.

The module also includes comprehensive floor and table management options, allowing you to manage various floors and tables within your restaurant. You can take orders from specific tables, move orders between tables, create a personalized floor plan, and assign personnel to each table.

Odoo POS offers advanced device integration through third-party integrations and its dedicated IoT box. You can incorporate cutting-edge functional devices and tools, including barcode scanners, weighing scales, cash registers, and card machines, enhancing the overall efficiency of your operations.

Payment support tools are readily available, giving you various options for accepting payments, including cash, credit cards, and online payments. There are multiple payment processors to choose from, advanced payment terminals, and the ability to generate direct invoices.

The module also provides futuristic selling options, allowing you to elevate your retail sales operations. You can issue unique payment receipts for each customer, process multiple sales orders simultaneously, utilize smart gadgets for sales, and expedite counter operations using barcodes.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools are integrated into Odoo POS, empowering you to cultivate customer loyalty. You can implement rewards programs, offer loyalty cards to customers, and create coupons and promotional programs to incentivize repeat business.

In terms of store project management, Odoo POS offers a comprehensive suite of tools to support retail operations. This includes managing product categories, variations, stock, inventory, orders, pricelists, measurement units, sales tax configuration, financial settings, multiple currencies, payment terminals, employee and cashier authorization, product configurator, and the ability to restrict product categories and products. Cash rounding is also supported for smoother transactions.

With its array of advanced features, Odoo POS provides a powerful and efficient solution for managing retail sales and restaurant operations, enhancing customer experience, and optimizing business performance.

Integration with other applications

Odoo is a business management platform that works with the help of dedicated modules that can be installed on your computer.  Unanimous operations are supported by direct integration between the modules.

Odoo Sales

You will be able to run the retail sales operations of the company directly through the sales module's integration.


Retail sales are handled by the accounting module integration, which is responsible for the store's finances.


Using Odoo's centralized inventory infrastructure, retail, wholesale, and e-commerce businesses will be able to operate more smoothly.

Email Marketing

The marketing mode for email will help you send out promotional and marketing emails to customers, which will help you bring in more and more customers over time.

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