Odoo's software suite is rapidly expanding, and the majority of business organizations prefer Odoo. The value of licensing Odoo knowledge is also increasing.

The licensing rules and regulations may differ from community to enterprise versions, as well as from free to paid apps. We assist you with partners who are well-versed in Odoo licensing and will protect you from future legal issues.

Odoo Licensing
Odoo Community License

Odoo Community is licensed under the GNU Lesser GPL version (LGPLv3), which was created by the Free Software Foundation, Inc. and is based on the GPL. GPL is a common open source license that lets the licensee use the software for their own business, change it, and give it to other people as long as they share the same license and the source code. With LGPL, licensees can use the software as long as they have the same rights as the GPL allows. However, in order to be distributed, the covered software library or dependent software must be distributed under the same license. Software made by the licensee can be distributed with a closed code or under any license.

Odoo Enterprise License

Odoo Enterprise is on version v1.0, which means that users who don't have a valid subscription can't run it, change it, or run it again after changing it. Since subscriptions are based on the number of users, it is against the law to add more users instead of valid numbers. Unless the software is in a production or live environment, only Odoo partners can change and run operations. Odoo Enterprise Edition and its modified versions can't be given away, sold, or licensed to other people. But no matter what their license is, the subscriber can use Odoo modules along with the Odoo Enterprise version. It can come from any platform, not just Odoo apps.

Odoo Free App License

It is possible to make new free apps that can be used in both enterprise and community versions. Odoo open source license lets you use free apps with any license that you can download from the Odoo app store and use without paying anything. Since LGPL covers the community version, they can publish and share free apps with any license. However, the most important community add-ons should stay under LGPLv3.

Odoo Paid App License

This license is used for app store add-ons that cost money. You can legally use these add-ons if you buy them or get a written document from the author. Similar to the Enterprise Edition, you can't sell, distribute, change, or let someone else use it. They can use them as a library under the license, building new modules and importing features without copying anything from the add-on. They can also be distributed under any license, like LGPL, MIT, etc., without going against the add-proprietary license.

Odoo Licensing Online Advantage
  • Most businesses are moving to Odoo open ERP because it is easy to use and has a wide range of applications. Odoo licencing consultancies can tell you everything you need to know about the rules and regulations of Odoo licensing.
  • Odoo either charges for its apps or gives them away for free. Even though there are concerns about changing, reselling, and making closed apps, a partner who knows about AGPL, LGPLv3, and MIT licenses can help you choose the right versions and apps for your business to run smoothly and cost-effectively.
  • Odoo Licensing consultancy can help you grow your business without breaking any of Odoo's licensing rules. This will keep you from getting fined for breaking those rules.

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