A comprehensive employee administration system with Odoo Human Resource

Employees are the cornerstone of any organization. They are the ones who will improve your company's performance and profitability by devoting themselves to its success. With effective employee management, you will be able to achieve a smoother operation and a well-crafted structure for your business.

Odoo Human Resources

Streamlined HR Operations

  • From a single platform, everything is accessible
  • Specialized operational modules
  • Employee monitoring and management

Dedicated Employee Management

You can keep track of human resource data and company operations with the help of a dedicated employee management module.

  • Keep employee skills and resumes on file
  • Storage of personal information about employees
  • Carry out operations for new hires as well as departures

Attendance Management

The dedicated HRMS modules allow for the management of employee leave, time off, and attendance.

  • Biometric attendance tracking system
  • Managing time off and vacations for employees
  • Maintain a record of employee work hours using a timesheet

Enhance the Efficiency of Your Hiring Procedures

Organize your hiring procedure so that you have a complete picture of the entire process.

  • Specify your hiring procedure
  • Track candidates and applications
  • Post job vacancies

Payroll and Appraisal Management

Create a quality human resource management structure for employee salary payments and appraisal operations in which employees can request appraisals.

  • Employee attendance is used to calculate payroll
  • Set salary structure during the onboarding of employees
  • Employees can request appraisal
  • Regular evaluation of employees

Reliable Referral Management System

Organize the employee referral process for the new position.

  • Share job vacancies with others
  • Share open positions digitally
  • Referral points
  • Track stages of recruitment


Management relies heavily on HRM reports, and Odoo gives you the tools to create sophisticated analytical reports using HR data.

  • Reports on recruitment analysis
  • Employee contract reports
  • Reports on attendance
  • Analysis of time off

Odoo HR Management Provides All of the Required Tools for HR Functions

There are a variety of modules that can be used for specific HR operations, making it easy to run the operations without any hassles or sluggishness.

Managing employees

This module offers all the tools the HR manager needs for employee management.

  • Committed employee profiles
  • Personal and professional information of employees
  • Security and confidentiality of information
  • Assigning job roles, departments, and managers

Effective recruitment process

Customise recruitment process as per needs.

  • Posting job offers
  • Setting up payment terms
  • Customise stages for applications
  • Calendar integration during the recruitment process

Management of leaves in the HR department

The leave and time off module will make it easy for managers to keep track of their employees' vacation and sick days.

  • Tracking employee vacations
  • Request and approval of leaves
  • Personalised monthly leaves and time off
  • Monitoring attendance
  • Attendance registering options

Management of payroll and payslip

A well-designed payroll management system that addresses all financial aspects of the job.

  • Payslip based on attendance
  • Payroll based on timesheet
  • Salary structure for payroll generation

Remuneration hike management

A separate appraisal management module will standardize the process.

  • Allowance for appraisal requests
  • Easily approve or resume approval requests
  • Examine approvals

Refer to loved ones

You can now refer your friends and family to your company thanks to a dedicated referral module.

  • Refer for different positions
  • Earn referral points
  • Exchange points for products or gifts

Management of fleet

Manage vehicles of employees with the fleet management module.

  • Track mileage and maintenance
  • Establish vehicle contracts
  • Assignment of vehicles
  • Monitor speedometer

Integrated modules

With the use of Odoo's various available modules, your human resource development operations will be fully functional. There are a number of main modules and submodules that are directly integrated for the complete management of HR operations.


Using the accounting module, all financial aspects of HR operations, such as monthly payroll generation, will be handled.


Integration with the expense management module makes it easy to keep track of employee costs associated with company operations.

Biometric devices and barcode scanners

Integration with the sales module allows for automatic generation of purchase orders for procured products, which can then be sold to customers.

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