Websites can be created quickly and easily with Odoo E-Commerce and the website module thanks to its feature-rich design and pre-built functionality. The website module also contains functional tools for managing the website and e-commerce operations effectively. You'll be able to run your online business more efficiently once the sales module has been integrated.
Odoo E-Commerce
  • Sell your product anywhere in the world
  • Offer digital goods and services
  • Integration between sales and inventory management
  • Support product delivery through fleet management
  • Mobile view
  • Customization of shop pages
  • Sort products according to their categories
  • Product and website marketing that is clearly defined
  • Integration with various platforms for social media
  • Linking shipping and payment

E-Commerce Management

  • Website
  • Inventory Management
  • Accounting
  • Integrated Sales
  • Purchase Management
  • CRM

Website Management

The Odoo website e-commerce module will function as the command and control hub for all e-commerce-related activities, beginning with the website's construction.

  • Personalized e-commerce control panel
  • Incorporation of Google Maps into the system
  • An all-in-one live chat application
  • Product comparison and wishlist creation
  • Coupons and promotional initiatives
  • Direct invoicing
  • Check unclaimed shopping carts
  • Order follow-up can be automated
  • Confirmation emails are sent automatically

Warehouse Management

Manage your warehouse inventory operations efficiently to ensure consistent product movement across various sales and purchasing operations.

  • Establish product movement policies
  • Introducing new product categories
  • Product serial and lot numbers for traceability
  • Product expiration dates
  • Drop shipping integration
  • Product removal and movement routes
  • Inventory assessment
  • Forecasting inventory

Financial Management

You can effectively manage the financial aspects of your e-commerce business with an integrated and fully functional accounting module.

  • Set local taxes
  • Multiple payment methodology
  • Draft accounting charts and ledgers
  • Produce real-time financial reports
  • Combine multiple payments obtained

Why us?

Odoo can be used by anyone to run an e-commerce website, but you'll need experts to configure the platform to meet your business's operational needs. If you need Odoo e-commerce development, we can set it up for you and customize it to fit your company's needs.

MicroSolutions is the official Odoo ERP partner in Kuwait.