The Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connect the physical world to the digital world, enabling businesses to gather and analyze data in real-time to make better, data-driven decisions. These interconnected networks of devices and sensors allow companies to optimize operations, increase efficiency, and improve customer experiences.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects or people called 'things' that are embedded with software, electronics, networks, and sensors that allow these objects to collect and exchange data.

Industrial IoT connects machines, vehicles, and devices in industries such as transportation, power generation, and oil and gas, and is set apart from other IoT applications by its daily effects on human safety. It collects and analyzes data to deliver insights that help industrial companies become more nimble and make better-informed business decisions more quickly than ever before. In addition, using equipment and product data points, such as location data, industrial IoT is helping companies transform their manufacturing and industrial processes.

For industries and organizations


The RealWear™ HMT-1™ provides the foundation for connected worker programs. Use it in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous, and loud industrial environments. A fully rugged head-mounted device, it optionally snaps into safety helmets or attaches to bump caps and can be used with safety glasses or corrective eyewear. The HMT-1 works with powerful software applications from our solution partners in four core categories, each optimized for completely hands-free voice control. That means no scrolling, swiping, or tapping - just simple voice commands. Use it for remote mentoring, video calling, document navigation, guided workflow, mobile forms, and industrial IoT data visualization.


For projects of all sizes, the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform provides body-worn sensors, technology solutions, and data analytics. More prolonged activity and cardiac and respiratory monitoring are possible with Hexoskin Smart for continuous evaluation of one’s health, fitness, and sleep.


Solo is a powerful, standalone workforce management ecosystem. It has been expertly designed to protect and manage individuals and workforces while providing businesses with tangible productivity returns and efficiencies. Solo is scalable for safeguarding and managing small business teams right through to global corporations. Importantly, Solo is deployable across a range of mobility devices including wearable.

For schools and offices

Comprehensive IoT-based Tracking System

  • Real-Time tracking of Students, Buses, Staff, Visitors, Assets, etc.
  • Contactless Smart Card-Based Tracking.
  • Tracking across school premises.
  • SOS button to send an immediate notification with the location.
  • Individual Profile-based access rules.
  • Immediate Notification of Rule violation.
  • Access Zones and no-access Zones for each individual.
  • Complete Asset Tracking & Management System.
  • Admin App for School Administrators and Fleet Managers.
  • Mobile App for Parents, Drivers, Class Teachers & Security Guards.
  • A complete solution for a proactive approach towards student and school safety.

Employee Efficiency Tracking System

As an employee monitoring solution, this gives organizations an overall picture of how work is done in and out of the office. 

  • Track & Locate the team members in a warehouse in real-time.
  • Locate employees faster in case of emergency.
  • Real-time alert & notification in case of unauthorized access from personnel.
  • Monitor the performance of the team members through an automated time and attendance system.
  • Detect and monitor the activity of the personnel and notify them of inactivity.
  • Customizable system based on specific needs of the customer.
  • An asset tracking system tracks an asset's name, type, usage, engine hours, maintenance schedule, or other information, and will send alerts to managers when anything goes amiss.
  • Find out the speed of vehicles, and the number of times it has been used.
  • Divide warehouse areas into different zones.

For medical professionals

3D Sensory Pain Distraction System

The 3D Sensory Pain Distraction System comes with various interactive sensory software packages designed to distract patients during painful treatments. This highly pleasant solution offers calming relaxation and pleasurable distraction via several passive and interactive devices. The system has been proven to reduce anxiety and pain in patients of all ages and, thus, reduce the need for narcotics.

We bring high-performance devices that can operate in real-time and in challenging environments. This means better quality control, sustainable and green practices, and more efficient, streamlined supply chain management.