All you need is to log in.
Connect with your colleagues and work on team projects wherever you are.

Business email can be more than just a mailbox.
It can be a virtual office where all the teamwork and online meetings happen. You can create and edit documents there – alone, or in collaboration with your team. A secure cloud solution is accessible anywhere you are and is great for remote work.

  • Outlook compatibility: Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks as well as Notes including color categories and HTML content seamlessly sync with Outlook.
  • Smart multitasking: Compose multiple emails while chatting with a coworker, reviewing a document, or searching through TeamChat rooms. All of this can be done during a conference call.
  • Smart planning: Know immediately if you can accept a proposed meeting. The interactive invite dialog shows an overview of your schedule around the indicated time
  • Smart attachments: SmartAttach uploads large files such as videos or presentations to our cloud and automatically includes a link in the email body. So your file is delivered fast and doesn’t clog your recipient’s mailbox.
  • Smart delayed send: Sometimes you remember to add an attachment right after hitting the Send button. It has happened to all of us. With delayed send, you get five extra seconds for when you change your mind.
  • Administer & customize: Manage your domains and user accounts using multi-tenant architecture. Configure to avoid email spoofing and enhance security. Set up DNS records with the relevant DRF file or use white labeling options.
  • Advanced security: Signature-based AntiVirus, online CYREN AntiSpam, and IceWarp Authenticator for two-factor authentication. Multi-layered security meets the world’s most stringent industry standards and legislation.