We design adaptive and responsive mobile applications that are aimed at increasing your business in the Android and iOS markets. Our clients experience the best app development solution that allows them to achieve their business goals.


Our Mobile App Development Process

Our professional approach creates the most adaptive and responsive mobile applications with more downloads, and better ranking on the app markets.

Our approach to mobile application development includes six comprehensive steps:

Mobile Application Development

Step 1


Following the engagement the services of our app developers, we will commence by gathering your ideas and structuring them, and brainstorming the scope and relevant functionality of the potential solution. This step involves conducting market research, including looking into your competitors and identifying any associated risks.

Step 2


To help you visualize and get a feel for how the custom mobile app development will work, we create wireframes of the application, and take you through these for your feedback. At this stage, we will cover the key screens, along with the User Interface (UI), and evaluate the User Experience (UX) of the mobile app.

Step 3


Once you have selected and are satisfied with the appropriate wireframe, we proceed to the design stage. We understand the nuances of a great design and we will synchronize it with your business needs. We also work on cross platform app development. This step has us defining the information architecture, and creating all the appealing visual elements using the latest technology.

Step 4


We use state-of-the-art technology to bring your ideas and preferences to life. We focus on developing the frontend and backend, CRM plugins, and creating the content. This step also has us optimizing codes and fine-tuning the technology to meet your needs, helping us create android app or iOS app.

Step 5


We will not release the mobile application to production without thoroughly testing it. The top app developers at MicroSolutions use various testing methods to go through each page of the mobile app meticulously. We will ensure that everything works impeccably and that the results are consistent across devices and browsers. This stage involves security checks, error corrections, compatibility testing, and testing for mobile friendliness.

Step 6


Following thorough testing, we share the final version of the mobile app with you. Your mobile app is ready to go live! We will continue to work with you and collect your feedback and that of the alpha and beta users, at every stage of the mobile app’s deployment. We will provide maintenance support after launch as well.

Other solutions related to mobiles include:

iPhone Application Development

We build and launch apps for the iPhone Operating System. Our UI designers use the latest technology to create the best iOS apps. We use our expertise to help you launch a robust iOS app that will become an instant hit with users for its great functionality. 

Android Application Development

We enjoy designing Android applications. Our programmers are experts at tapping into the potential of Android, to create successful and appealing user experiences.

Mobile User Interface

Your app’s user interface (UI) design is the overall layout and appearance of the app. We keep the users in mind and design apps that are friendly, efficient, and straightforward. We focus on helping you make a good impression on your target app users. Our app UI designs are built to be fully functional, with smooth navigation.

Mobile App Design

An outstanding mobile app design can go a long way in ensuring maximum app adaption and downloads. We pay equal attention to mobile app designs, in addition to functionality. We collaborate with you to create app designs that exactly meet your needs and exceed your users’ expectations. We strive to keep our designs trendy in all aspects to make them appealing.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Once your apps are deployed, we will link them to a cost-effective content management system (CMS). Our CMS services enable you to check user statistics and reports, thereby managing a single application or multiple applications with a uniform content strategy. We provide all the tools you need to cover the backend operations of your app so that your apps integrate smoothly with various mobile platforms.

Mobile App Maintenance

Even after your mobile app has been successfully launched, we take care of all the app maintenance-related activities. We enable you to easily manage your apps and keep them up-to-date on our servers. Our follow-up services include a variety of maintenance and update tasks. We fix bugs, make script updates, and implement overall improvements so that your app is downloaded by the greatest number of users for its usefulness.

Mobile Websites

We are a leading mobile app development company. We design responsive & adaptive mobile websites that increase customer engagement, wherever they are.

Responsive websites work well when a site has simple functionality, and where the intent of the mobile or desktop users is not significantly different. Adaptive websites work well with functional websites and when the mobile users’ experience needs to be significantly different. It is applicable when performance is crucial i.e., e-commerce.

What we can do for you

  • We can develop all kinds of apps, from the most basic, to elaborate ones, according to your purposes.
  • We develop a wide range of high-quality iOS apps for different categories.
  • Our app UI designs are built to be fully functional and enhance user experience.
  • We make sure users can navigate through your app easily and smoothly. All our app designs are aimed at increasing your app’s popularity, appeal, and downloads.
  • We make sure users find no difficulty in interacting with your app.
  • We will collaborate with you to ensure that our app designs comply with your purposes, down to the last pixel.
  • Our mission is to provide perfect outputs that meet all your objectives, and our pixel-perfect app designs reflect this.
  • We help you effectively deliver mobile content that you can edit and update it using our CMS. We also enable you to check user statistics and reports.
  • We reduce your backend maintenance, and management costs, to a great extent.
  • Our follow-up services include a variety of maintenance and update tasks so that users will always find your app relevant and useful.

Why choose us?

  • We collaborate closely with our clients to create app designs.
  • We can effectively convert your app ideas into reality in ways that appeal to your target users.
  • We have a team of qualified, international app UI designers who are dedicated to creating the best user interface possible for your app.
  • Our team of experts uses the latest technology and programming language to develop stunning apps.
  • We create exclusive app UI designs for each client keeping their preferences and target users in mind.
  • We aim to maximize the number of downloads for your app, and we place as much emphasis on perfect designs as we do on functionality.
  • Our content management system allows you to manage apps and keep them updated in a fast, easy, and cost-effective manner.
  • We are your trustworthy partners in developing apps from conception till the final output, and we will continue to facilitate and empower you in every way.
  • The dedicated individuals on our maintenance team will continue to respond to your needs even after your app has been developed and launched.
  • We respond to follow-up requests promptly, addressing any issues that may crop up in your app.
  • We aim to keep your app updated and running smoothly on all devices so that users choose your app over all others for continued use.