Odoo Pricing

Our Odoo team will be happy to assist you. Odoo's cost will be accurately estimated by our team members. Depending on where you live, the price may vary. There are six price tiers in the Odoo pricing structure.

Enterprise License

Odoo is available in two editions: the Community Edition, which is free but has limited functionality; and the Enterprise Edition, which has a license fee but is equipped with advanced features to run your business. Enterprise pricing is based on the modules used and the number of users assigned to the platform, where multiple users are required for company operations. Moreover, the platform does not charge companies for portal users. However, these users are restricted to the platform's functionalities and are only accessible with specific data. This will add up based on the need for modules and applications that must be purchased from the Odoo app store in order to run the business. Also, pricing varies depending on the country of business operations, which can be found on the Odoo website.

Hosting (cloud hosting, on-premise, dedicated cloud, or Odoo.Sh)

The platform can be hosted in the cloud (Odoo online), on-premises, or on Odoo.Sh. Odoo Cloud is Odoo Online, which is a SaaS service provided by Odoo. The platform's limited customisation makes it ideal for small businesses. Odoo's default features will govern operations. The main benefit of cloud-based (Odoo online) hosting is that the user does not have to worry about server pricing or migration, which are both handled by Odoo. On-premise hosting can be run on a third-party external server or a local server, with the former available worldwide and the latter for localised operations. In both cases, customers pay for server maintenance and operations. Odoo also does not impose any restrictions on the user's ability to customise and add-on to the platform. Odoo.Sh, where Odoo is the server, can be run on a shared or dedicated server. The former is suitable for small-scale company operations with less than 50 users, and the pricing can be deduced from the Odoo.Sh website, based on the number of workers, storage, hosting type, staging environment, and service features such as back-up, Odoo app integration, continuous integration, and many more advanced features. Odoo will make suggestions and determine the pricing based on the company's dedicated server needs.

Odoo Implementation Cost

Odoo implementation services are provided by Odoo partners who are approved by Odoo and maintain operational standardisation. Odoo is a large software platform with over 30,000 modules, including the main and supporting ones, that must be precisely configured to operate in accordance with the company's operations. During the Odoo implementation process, the master data of the company's operations, such as chart of accounts, products, customer and vendor descriptions, and many other preceding operational data, can be imported to Odoo. It will also be more difficult to learn how to use the platform after a successful implementation. Furthermore, without proper knowledge of usability, the user may encounter errors. The Odoo implementation cost includes installation fees, platform implementation into your company, and operational training. It is always preferable to implement Odoo with gold partners, who have been designated by Odoo as the best among partners and are well-versed in the trade.

Support & Maintenance

An ERP cannot function without continuous support from developers and technicians involved in back-end operations. The platform's support and maintenance costs are one of the additional factors that contribute to Odoo pricing. There have been reports of users encountering errors and mistakes while using the platform, and the platform can only be recovered and made fully functional again by certified Odoo partners and developers. An Odoo partner will be present at every stage of the operations and will ensure that continuous support is provided at all times. Furthermore, in desperate times, desperate measures are required, which will be ensured by the Odoo partner when the platform fails and maintenance is required.


Odoo's best feature is customisation, which allows any company's operations to be integrated with the platform. The pricing for customisation is based on the modifications required for Odoo's default operations as well as additional add-ons and applications required to support the company's operations. Pricing for customization is solely based on the company's additional requirements. Odoo customization can be performed by Odoo certified partners. These partners are resourceful and well-equipped to handle any customization needs. Furthermore, Odoo Golden Partners are the best because they are experts in Odoo implementation and customization to meet the needs of the company.


Using Odoo migration, you can update your system to the most recent version. In order to take advantage of the latest Odoo features, these companies will need to migrate their current version of Odoo over to the newer one. Odoo includes migration as part of its pricing. On the platform, Odoo updates the default applications and modules, but the pricing is based on the additional applications and add-ons that are needed for the specific needs of a business. Data migration from a previous version will also add to the cost of Odoo migrations.


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