Odoo Community vs Enterprise

Odoo Community vs. Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Community is a free, open-source version of Odoo. Odoo Enterprise is a paid and upgraded version that is best suited for high-value and niche markets. The Odoo Enterprise Version gives access to both public and private cloud hosting, as well as unlimited functional support and version upgrades. It is faster and more efficient than the community version.

Odoo Community is an open-source version, whereas Odoo Enterprise is a licensed and shareable source. Both versions of Odoo have modules for sales, purchasing, accounting, inventory management, and so on.

Odoo Community

The LGPLv3-licensed Odoo Community edition is a completely open-source edition. Odoo Community is a free version developed and tested by OCA that can be installed to meet business needs. It's a great tool for companies because it has a variety of customizable modules that are appropriate for business operations. Limited functional support, version upgrades, and hosting assistance are some of the drawbacks of an open-source version of Odoo that isn't as robust as the enterprise version. Odoo Community does not allow for the full use of sales, HRMS, websites, eCommerce, or any other modules.

Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Enterprise has a faster and more efficient operation, as well as mobile browser compatibility that is better than ever before. There is no limit to the amount of functional support that Odoo Enterprise receives from Odoo SA. Subscription fees vary depending on the number of users and the number of apps they use in this paid version. Odoo Enterprise transforms a company from a software vendor to a service provider. A number of features that aren't available to the general public, such as Data Cleaning, Sign and Help Desk, are included in the Odoo Enterprise version of the software. Barcode integration, shipping connector, MPS and VOIP are just a few of the existing features that give Odoo Enterprise an advantage over its free counterpart.

Odoo Community vs Enterprise

Odoo Enterprise Community
Unlimited Functional support check times
Version Upgrades check times
Hosting check times
User interface
Desktop check check
Mobile version check times
Multi-Language check check
Screen Customization check times
Report Designer check times
Menus Editor check times
Apps Creator check times
Invoicing & Payments check check
Full Accounting check times
Project Management
Tasks check check
Timesheets check check
Forecasts check times
Sales Management
CRM check check
Sales check check
Customer Portal check check
VoIP Integration check times
eSignature check times
Subscriptions check times
Rental check times
Digital products check times
Helpdesk check times
Field Service check times
Human Resources
Employee Directory check check
Expenses check check
Leaves check check
Recruitments check check
Expenses check check
Payroll check times
Appraisals check times
Approvals check times
Employee Referral check times
Departments Dashboard check times
Inventory Management check check
Purchase Management check check
Barcode support check times
Shipping Connectors check times
Multi-company flows check times
MRP check times
IoT check times
MRP II check times
PLM check times
Maintenance check check
Quality check times
Shipping Connectors check times
Website Builder
Website Builder check check
Blogs check check
Presentations check check
Themes check check
Call-to-Actions Blocks check times
Full eCommerce check check
Shipping Connectors check times
Amazon Connector check times
eBay Connector check times
Point of Sale
Point of Sale check check
PoS Restaurants check check
Loyalty cards check times
Events check check
Email Marketing check check
Live Chat check check
Social Marketing check times
SMS Marketing check check
Marketing Automation check times
Lead Scoring check times
Email Marketing Templates check times
E-Learning check check
Chat check check
Google Spreadsheet Integration check check
Fleet check check
Notes check check
Appointments check times


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