Student Tracking System

The Problem

Child safety in school and on transport is a big concern
Movement on school premises is being monitored by cctv only
No real time tracking & monitoring of individuals
Current school safety mechanism is reactive and not proactive
Human dependent systems and procedures are failing to secure

The Need

Automated alerts and notification
Minimum incident response time
Safety on school transport
Detailed reporting on individuals
System to monitor real-time movement of people on school premises
Mechanism to provide real time location of child & buses

The Solution

Comprehensive IoT based Tracking System

  • Real-Time tracking of Students, Buses, Staff, Visitors, Assets, etc
  • Contactless Smart Card Based Tracking
  • Tracking across school premises
  • SoS button to send immediate notification with location
  • Individual Profile based access rules
  • Immediate Notification of Rule violation
  • Access Zones and no-access Zones for each individual
  • Complete Asset Tracking & Management System
  • Admin App for School Administrators and Fleet Managers
  • Mobile App for Parents, Driver, Class Teacher & Security Guards
  • A complete solution for Pro-Active approach towards student and school safety


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