Asset Management System

Asset Management System

As an employee monitoring solution, this gives organizations an overall picture of how work gets done in and out of the office. 

  • Track and Locate

Track & Locate the team members in the warehouse in real-time.

  • Evacuation

Locate employees faster in case of emergency

  • Unauthorized Access

Real time alert & notification in case of unauthorized access from personnel

  • Monitor

Monitor performance of the team members through an automated time and attendance system

  • Inactivity alert

Detect monitor activity of the personnel and notify on inactivity

  • Customizable

Customizable system based on specific needs of the customer

An asset tracking system tracks an asset's name, type, usage, engine hours, maintenance schedule, or other information, and will send alerts to managers when anything goes amiss.

  • Asset Tracking

Configure asset tracking for warehouse assets like trolleys, etc

  • Measure Usage
    Find out the speed of vehicles and the number of times it has been used.
  • Create Zones

Divide warehouse areas into different zones


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